You will need: 

- Insecticide (e.g Sven Insecticide) 

- Wetting agent (e.g Abzorb Triple Action Wetting Agent) 

- Applicator (knapsack/boom sprayer) 

- Correct PPE (overalls, rubber boots, chemical resistant gloves & face sheild) 


The Issue With Ants In Your Lawn:

Ants in lawns are often overlooked as a major pest but they can cause significant damage to the health and look of your lawn and they can even influence the production of vegetables and ornamental plants in your garden. One problem caused by Ants is when they build hill like structures on your lawn. Ants are colony insects which settle in large groups and build vast labyrinth like structures in the grass roots systems. This then causes damage to grass roots and the mounds can look unsightly.

Ants can also cause issues for any vegetable or ornamental plants which you may also have in your garden. This is because many ant species have an interest in ranching. Ranching is where the ants will ‘farm’ and protect mealybugs and aphids as they have an interest in the honeydew which the aphids and mealybugs secrete, a delicacy to them.  As Mealybugs and Aphids feed of Vegetables and ornamental plants this then causes further problems in your garden. Therefore, controlling ants in your lawn is a great way to minimize the overall population of pests in your garden.

How to Control Ants In Your Lawn: 

Use a product called Sven to spot spray the ants with a knapsack. To ensure better penetration to insects in turf we also recommend that you tank mix the Sven with a wetting agent such as Abzorb. Sven has a wide spectrum of controllable pests which include aphids, red ants, weevil, thrips bibionid larvae, caterpillars, leaf miners & thrips (see label for full list). Sven is a pyrethroid insecticide which can be used across a broad range of crops including ornamental plant production, managed amenity turf, permanent grassland, potatoes, cereals & a range of vegetable crops. Sven controls insects by contact & ingestion, it will also offer a degree of protection to new insects not present at time of application.

For organic control you could use biopesticides in the form of nematodes. You would use a product called Nemasys F which controls leather jackets and ants in lawns. Nemasys F contains the insect parasitic nematodes of the species Steinernema feltiae. Nemasys F is an organic product for the control of thrips, leafminer, sciarid fly (Sciara) and ants. The insect parasitic nematodes can be applied to both the crop and the soil. Under moist conditions the nematodes will detect the plague and penetrate it, killing it.

We recommend using a pyrethroid insecticide such as Sven. If you are after an organic form of control we advise using Nemasys F. 

For more information on controlling ants in lawns, please get in touch with our sales team on 0122 246491.