What Are Vine Weevils?

Vine weevils are small, 9mm black beetles with dark yellow marks on their wing cases. They, alongside the grubs, are renowned for causing damage to pot grown ornamentals plants. For more information, including symptoms of vine weevil damage, take a look at our vine weevil Problem Guide.

How To Control Vine Weevils?

As vine weevils are an extensive and common problem within Britain, it is important gardeners are aware and prepared should an infestation occurs.

It is possible to physically pick off and remove adult vine weevils during the warmer months. This is best carried out in the late evening and is only realistic and manageable in small gardens or small collections of plants.


Biological pest control is an increasingly popular way of controlling insects and pests on plants. Relying on a natural predator to control pests is not only environmentally safer, it is also very effective as you do not need to worry about the pests becoming resistant.

Nemasys L is a biopesticide containing the Steinernema kraussei parasitic nematode and is ideal for controlling vine weevil in the larval stage. After seeking out the pest, the nematode will infect them with a bacteria that stops feeding and quickly kills them. The Steinernema will continue to breed and will therefore continue to work, seeking out more vine weevils.