You will need: 

- Glyphosate tree stump removal- e.g Ecoplug Max and corresponding drill bit. 


Why Remove Tree Stumps?

When a tree falls or is felled, the tree stump is left in the ground. It is possible to leave the stump there, however problems can occur with suckering. Suckering is where new shoots grow from the trunk and roots, and if left, create the same problem the tree was felled for. Whilst completely dead tree stumps wont re-grow and create suckers, they can host root diseases which can cause further and more troublesome issues.

How And When Should Tree Stumps Be Removed?

Tree stumps can be physically removed by a tree surgeon all year round. Asking a tree surgeon to remove the stump at the same time as felling it is the best and most convenient option, however extra costs will occur. You can also remove a tree stump with a glyphosate herbicide. Removing a stump with a product such as EcoPlug Max can also be done all year.

Consisting of water-soluble granules containing 720g/kg glyphosate, Ecoplug Max is a fast and effective tree stump killer. To use, simply drill the holes required with the set depth drill bit, insert the Ecoplug Max and hit with a hammer to ensure it sits flush with the top of the tree stump.