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Gemstone Granules 1kg

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Long Lasting Granule Weed Killer

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Product Description

MAPP No - 17898

LERAP Category - n/a

Active Ingredient - 4% propyzamide

Maximum Individual Dose - 3.8g per m2

Maximum Total Dose Per Year - 3.8g per m2

Area Covered - This container will treat 260 trees

Pack Size - 1 kg

Required Safety Clothing - Gloves

Gemstone Granules is applied around trees & ornamental plantings in order to deliver long-lasting weed control against grasses & broad-leaved weeds. Apply Gemstone Granules between October & February when conditions are cooler. This will control many of the weeds which are present at the time and also deliver long-lasting control of germinating weeds. If you require a bigger pack size then please look at Gemstone Granules 5kg

Gemstone Granules is the standard treatment when trying to control weeds around Christmas Trees. This is due to its safeness to the tree, and the long lasting control it offers. Use this product with the Gemstone Granule Applicator for even coverage.

To view the full list of controllable weeds, and the range of Trees & Ornamentals it is safe to use around, please download the product label.

Gemstone Granules is a more cost effective alternative to main brand Kerb Granules.


Recommended Period of Use
Jan Feb
Mar Apr May
Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
leaf leaf leaf  leaf           leaf leaf leaf
leaf = Optimum time for application

Our Recommendation

 - If you want to kill grass which is already established around trees & shrubs then use Falcon

 - This active is also available as a sprayable liquid called Kerb Flo 5L

 - If you require a very fast acting weed killer which is safe to use around trees then look at a product called Pearl 500ml



Product Documentation

Product Label - click here

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - click here

Brand Gemstone Granules

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