You will need: 

- Landscape bark / mulch 

- Weed control fabric membrane 

- Weed killer, e.g Gem Granules

- Applicator (knapsack sprayer, spreader ect)

Why Would You Want to Prevent Weed Growth Around Trees?
Not only do weeds look unsightly, they compete with the trees for light, nutrients and water, particularly when a tree is still young and hasn’t got established. Trees will start to suffer if they do not have enough of these elements. 

What Can I Do to Keep Weeds in Control?
Landscape Bark or Mulch will surpress weeds and will keep water in the soil as it reduces the amount that will be evaporated. This is great if you don’t want to constantly go out and water or it is not practical to go out an water. Another option is usuing a Weed Control Fabric which can be easily cut to shape and pegged down. If you use a correct membrane it will still let water pass through it to get to the plant roots. The membrane will prevent weeds from growing through but will also keep moisture in. It can also be covered with a decorative layer of bark or gravel to make it look more attractive. 

If you want to have grass right up to the base of your tree, it is best to keep it well cut. Long grass creates a warm damp, humid environment which is great for pests and disease to live in that can be spread to your trees. The grass will also contribute greatly to the lack of water and nutrients available to trees. This can be quite simply strimmed down.

Chemical Control:
There are a few chemical weedkillers that can be used. A glyphosate weedkiller such as Round Up or Gallup can be very carefully used. This is a total weedkiller and will kill everything it touches, therefore care must be taken to apply it to only the weeds you want to kill and nothing else. Ideally it should be applied with a weed wiper so that the chemical can be accurately touched on selected foliage and not anywhere near tree bark or stems.

Flexidor or Propyz can be used around a range of trees and shrubs safely. It will create a residual barrier on the soil to prevent new emerging weeds.

Gem Granules can also be scattered around the surface of the soil of trees and during October to February. Existing weeds will be killed and it will also prevent any others germinating.


We recommend using either Flexidor or Propyz as both are safe for use around a range of trees and shrubs. 

For more information on controlling weeds around trees, please get in touch with our sales team on 01522 246491.