You will need: 

- Lawnmower / Strimmer 

- Mulch


- Granular residual herbicide, e.g Gem Granules 

- Granule Applicator 


- Liquid residual herbicide, e.g Kerb Flo

- Applicator (knapsack / boom sprayer) 

- Correct PPE (overalls, rubber boots & gloves)


Why Do I Need To Control Weeds Around A Hedge?

Weeds will compete with your hedge for light, water and nutrients. This can kill young hedging plants or slow growth rates.

- Weeds around the hedge will look unsightly

- Weeds harbour pests and diseases which can move onto the hedge.

Methods Of Control: 


Mowing or strimming is a cheap way to control weeds but is very time consuming and doesn’t tend to be very effective. A thick layer of mulch can be applied at the base of the hedge. This is useful for preventing weeds growing through, it also reduces water loss through evaporation from the soil. Hedges can be thirsty and any extra water is much needed to enable the plants to thrive. Mulches will also eventually rot down and nutrients will be absorbed into the soil. It can also look attractive.


Gem Granules can be applied from October to April when the temperatures are cooler (generally below 8°C) It is particularly safe to use around trees and shrubs and will control a range of broad leaved weeds and grasses. It will have some control of weeds which are present at the time but will also offer long lasting control of germinating weeds.

An alternative to Gem Granules is a liquid herbicide Kerb Flo or Propyz. It is the same strength active ingredient propyzamide but we can supply in a smaller size.

Falcon is selective weedkiller for the control of grass weeds around hedges. It has a contact action so will kill any grass it touches. It is very safe around the base of trees and hedges and can also be sprayed over the top of the hedge if needed.

Flexidor is a residual herbicide for the control of broad leaved weeds. This means it will create a barrier where it has been sprayed to prevent weeds from growing through. It is particularly safe to use in the bottoms of hedges.

The best and most effective combination for controlling weeds under hedges is a mixture of Flexidor or Propyz. This will increase the spectrum of weeds that are being controlled and it will have both residual and contact action.

For more information on controlling weeds near hedges, please get in touch with our sales team on 01522 246491.