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Leaf Tissue Analysis Kit

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  • Provides an accurate picture of the nutrients within a crop.
  • Can be used to verify deficiency symptoms.
  • Covers a wide range of nutrients.
  • Simple to execute- simply take the sample and post.
Due to high volume in analysis requests please allow up to 3 weeks for results.

Full Description

This leaf tissue analysis kit is for one sample. The sample will test the below nutrients.

PLANT FOLIAR PACKAGE - Includes Total Nitrogen and Sulphur with N:S Ratio, Total Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Iron and Boron.

  • Determination of Total Nitrogen - reported as % w/w dry basis
  • Total Phosphorus - reported as % w/w dry basis
  • Total Potassium - reported as % w/w dry basis
  • Total Calcium - reported as % w/w dry basis
  • Total Magnesium - reported as % w/w dry basis
  • Total Sulphur - reported as % w/w dry basis
  • Total Manganese - reported as mg/kg dry basis
  • Total Copper - reported as mg/kg dry basis
  • Total Zinc - reported as mg/kg dry basis
  • Total Iron - reported as mg/kg dry basis
  • Total Boron - reported as mg/kg dry basis

Why tissue analysis?

  • Tissue sampling provides an accurate picture of the current nutrient status of a crop at a particular time.
  • Tissue analysis can be used to verify deficiency symptoms and monitor nutrient levels during the growing period to determine if the soil fertility level and applied fertilisers are sufficient to meet the crop requirement and is vital in determining the nutritional value of plant material to animals.
  • Tissue sampling is better suited to certain requirements than soil analysis. For example in nutrient management for grazing animals, after all it is the plant that is eaten, not the soil.

Plant tissue analysis information allows accurate treatments of nutrient disorders through foliar nutrient applications and it is also important for the early identification of mineral availability problems to grazing stock.

Why analyse plant tissue rather than soil?

This question often arises but is most easily answered when is when your soil analysis tells you that there is a plentiful supply of nutrients from the soil, but that the plant still looks unhealthy. In the end, plant tissue analysis is the only true diagnostic of plant nutrient deficiency – it can be used to investigate or confirm nutrient deficiencies in plants. Of course what it cannot tell us is why the plant is deficient in a particular nutrient (for that we have to look at soil supply and other factors such as soil pH and plant disease).

So in summary – plant tissue analysis is an excellent tool for identifying nutrient deficiencies in plants and can be used for determining yield limiting deficiencies (typically NPK + S etc, major nutrients) and quality-limiting deficiencies (trace elements or minor nutrients). Identifying these deficiencies can create significant improvements to the bottom line by increasing crop value and possibly reducing unnecessary fertiliser bills.

When to sample?

Sampling at the correct time depends to a certain extent on the type of plant and the value of the crop. Some deficiencies require early diagnosis and analysis; late in the crops growing cycle is often too late for remedial action.There is an optimum time and this is typically when the plant is growing and setting yield potential (e.g. early/mid spring for winter cereals), still allowing for remedial action.

Please note, at least 200g of leaf tissue must be provided. please avoid sending on Friday's as this will mean the sample may be sat in transit & could wilt.

Our Recommendation

  • Samples should be taken before applications of fertiliser or treatment. If it is necessary to sample following an application, a minimum period of 3 weeks should pass before the soil is sampled.
  • Avoid sending samples on fridays- the sample may be sat in transit and wilt.
  • Complete a Soil Analysis at the same time and gain a detailed understanding of your field.

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