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Toxic Metals Soil Test

£102.00 inc VAT £85.00 ex VAT
  • Gives you a better undertstanding of the make-up of your site/field.
  • Helps reduce deficiencies in plants and crops.
Due to high volume in analysis requests please allow up to 3 weeks for results.

Full Description

This soil testing kit identifies any toxic metals present in the soil. Toxic metals such as lead and mercury can cause harm and deficiency to plants, animals and humans, so it is important to know what you are dealing with.

The standard test is for copper, zinc, lead, cadmium, mercury, nickel & chromium, with an additional option to add in molybdenum, selenium, arsenic & fluoride.

How It Works:

Upon purchase you will be sent a pre-paid packet to fill with your soil. Collect at least 350g of soil from across the field or site in a bucket and ensure it has been thoroughly mixed together before decanting into the pre-paid bag. Mixing the soil will give a good average reading from across the field. The packet will be sent direct to the laboratory where they will analyse it and then contact us with the results. We will then contact you, explain the findings and send you copy.

Our Recommendation

  • When sampling, form a ‘W’ over the area or field. This gives a good average of the field.
  • Ensure you gather at least 350g of soil.
  • Complete a separate sample for any areas that are particularly bad.
  • Get an even wider understanding of your lawn or field by completing a detailed Soil Analysis as well.

Technical Specification

ProductToxic Metals Soil Test
£102.00 inc VAT £85.00 ex VAT
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