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Phos-Mag 8-19-10+5Mg Fertiliser 25kg

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Promote Growth On Trees

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Product Description


LERAP Category  N/A

Active Ingredient  8% Nitrogen, 19% Phosphate, 10% Potassium, 5% Magnesium

Spreading Rate 50g per m2

Area Covered 500m2

Pack Size  25kg

Required Safety Equipment - Gloves


Phos Mag fertiliser is a quality mix of NPK specifically designed to promote growth on trees, hedges & woody perennial plants. This is a mini-granular blend fertiliser which offers an excellent spreading patten which will release the fertiliser over a 6 week period. It can be applied at any time of year providing the tree or plant is actively growing. To find out exactly what nutrients you may need, consider having a Soil Analysis done.

While this fertiliser is most often used on trees & shrubs, it can also be used in areas such as grass which are suffering from a deficiency in Potassium or Magnesium (phosmag).

The application rate will depend on how many times you will apply the product. If you require a detailed recommendation then please contact us.

*Please note, free delivery is only offered on fertiliser orders over £300 (ex VAT)*

Understanding Fertiliser Analysis

Under the metric system the unit of measurement is a kg

Recommendations are given in kg/ha

A fertiliser with the analysis 8:19:10 contains:-

8% Nitrogen 19% Phosphate 10% Potassium 5% Magnesium

So in a 25kg bag:-

8% of the 25kg is Nitrogen i.e. 1.25kg N

19% of the 25kg is Phosphate i.e. 4.75kg P

10% of the 25kg is Potassium i.e. 2.5kg K

5% of the 25kg is Magnesium i.e 1.25kg Mg

For more information on Fertiliser rates visit


Our Recommendation

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- If you require a tonic to aid stressed plants, look at Hort-booster

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