Is it worth controlling weeds in unseasonably wet weather?

At the time of writing, our UK spring has been much wetter and much warmer than average – with some weather stations in England and Scotland recording double the normal level of rainfall in May.

All this rain is perfect for rapid weed growth, and for germination of weed seeds that may have shrivelled and died had the start to our summer been…drier.

Weeds are growing to the size of trees (well almost), and now the temperature has increased, they’re gaining strength too, meaning some household weedkiller just can’t cut it.

Choose your weapon carefully

When the weather is challenging and weed growth is vigorous, you want a weedkiller that:

  • works first time, every time, 
  • is formulated to translocate to roots quickly and effectively,
  • will work on the majority of common British weed types, and
  • is ideally rain fast as quickly as possible.

Choosing the right weedkiller can make the difference between simply annoying weeds to the point of wilting or eliminating them completely.

Common household weedkiller can struggle to perform effectively on tough / large weeds and can become ineffective if rain falls less than 24 hours after applying. 

This is why you may find yourself using more than usual or scratching your head as that 3’ thistle on the drive seems immune to all your efforts to destroy it. 

Gallup Biograde is rain fast in six-eight hours. It is a highly effective quality glyphosate formulation that will control all general weeds and grasses other than Horsetail (you’ll need Diamond for that). This makes it perfect for weedkilling on hard surfaces like driveways and patios, and on areas that require clearing before planting.

While some misconceptions persist around the impacts of strong weedkillers, Gallup has no lasting effects on the soil and planting can start just seven days after application. 

Even more effectiveness

There are ways to enhance the effectiveness of weedkiller even further including choosing the right season, time of day, and temperature to apply it. 

But you can also add a product like Activate-G that will boost the effectiveness of herbicide to improve the weed’s uptake of active ingredients – speeding the death of the plant. Perfect when the weather is so unpredictable.

This enhancer ensures that all herbicide is drawn into the plant, meaning you reduce loss of product that might otherwise just sit on the surface of leaves and evaporate or wash off – making spraying even more efficient.

Don’t forget to wear chemical-resistant gloves when handling weedkiller and use a sprayer with an adjustable nozzle to help with targeting. 

We can’t deliver endless sunshine this summer, but we can arm you with the right products, and advise on technique and timing - meaning there’s no reason not to get out and control weeds in between rain showers!