Excessive rain can wash away essential nutrients from soil. This is known as leaching, and it can damage the grass leaving it looking yellow and weak.

Waterlogging reduces the amount of oxygen available in the root zone which can trigger the leaching away of vital nutrients, including essential nitrogen and potassium.

A biostimulant will replace these nutrients, but one that contains mycorrhizal fungi significantly benefits stressed grass.

First line of defence

Nutrigrow’s Myco Stress Defender contains nine species of mycorrhizal fungi together with additional amino acids - both of which are hugely beneficial to grass.  

These lawn-friendly fungi colonise the grass’s root system developing an association called ‘mycorrhiza’.

These form a network of filaments (akin to a secondary root system) helping to draw nutrients from the soil that the grass’s own root system wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.

Myco Stress Defender also contains species of Trichoderma which produce compounds that stimulate growth. 

Other species of bacillus included in Myco Stress Defender help grass to produce Phyto hormones that support root growth – critical after heavy rainfall.

Hidden strengths

Myco Stress Defender provides your lawn with the hidden strength to recover from nutrient deficiencies, and from disease and pest attacks too.

Some studies also suggest that lawns with strong mycorrhizal associations need 30% less irrigation in summer months, saving you time and money in summer watering.

As our weather becomes less predictable and more extreme, our grass is exposed to more stress. When you’ve invested in a healthy lush lawn, treating it to Myco Stress Defender puts it in the best position to withstand whatever the weather might throw at it this year.

Mycorrhizal fungi treatments have been used by champion green keepers for years. Join those in the know - buy Myco Stress Defender now if your lawn has been affected by heavy rainfall, or you just want to help it defend itself this year.