You will need: 

- Pruning tools (secateurs/lopping shears ect) 

- Chemical growth regulator, e.g Bonzi or Moddus

- Applicator (knapsack/boom sprayer) 

- Correct PPE (overalls, rubber boots, chemical resistant gloves & face shield) 

Why Would You Want to Slow Down the Growth of Shrubs?

Sometimes you only have a certain area to grow a plant in and you have to keep it’s growth restricted. Sometimes, the wrong plant may have been chosen for an area and it is getting too big and out of control. You may have inherited a garden that has got the wrong plants in it. Some plants e.g hedges take a lot of time to constantly trim down and keep to the correct size or looking neat. It is always best to research the plant before you buy it to ensure it is going to get to the correct size for your area as there are many different varieties of certain plants.

For example Buddleja davidii will grow up to 12ft where Buddleja ‘Buzz’ will only grow to 3ft. It is the same plant with the same leaf and flower but it will only stay 3ft so can fit most gardens.

 Buddleja davidii Buddleja Buzz

How Can I Control the Growth of Plants?

If you have got a plant which is too big for the area or will eventually grow too big for the area you can prune it to keep it in shape. Some plants do not respond well to pruning but many will be fine. It is best to research each variety individually to be sure. Hedging pants like laurels, leylandii or hawthorn will respond well to regular pruning

By keeping plants in a pot or container, you will restrict the growth. If they don’t have as much space for the roots to grow, they will only grow to a certain size. This does need to be carefully monitored however, and plants will need to be fed regularly as they only have limited soil to grow. A lot of plants will only survive restricted for so long before they become too root bound and need to be repotted or transferred to the ground where they can grow properly.

Are There Any Chemical Options to Control Growth?

Yes, chemical growth regulators can be applied as a foliar spray to slow down the growth of shrubs.

We would recommend using a plant growth regulator such as Bonzi (for use on container and pot grown ornamentals) or Moddus (for use on a range of crops and plants). 

For more information on controlling the growth of shrubs, please get in touch with our sales team on 01522 246491.