What is Dollar Spot?

Dollar Spot is a fungal disease that affects turf grasses. It is most commonly found on closely mowed grasses, for example golf courses. The fungal pathogen overwinters and survives harsh conditions as dormant mycelium on infected plants.

Symptoms & Occurrence:

Dollar Spot commonly occurs from early spring to late autumn and is most prominent in periods of warm and humid conditions.

The main symptoms are clusters of sunken brown/straw coloured spots approximately the size of a silver dollar (hence the name). In the early stages of Dollar Spot the grass may seem wilted and water-logged, however the spots quickly fade to brown.


To control Dollar Spot moisture control must also be controlled by using correct irrigation practices. Minimising the wetness of the leaves reduces the chance of Dollar Spot as the conditions are not favourable for the pathogen. Using a scarifier to aerate the soil and remove thatch will also help to prevent the disease as the soil can dry quicker.

We recommend using a specialist turf fungicide such as Inter Tebloxy (a contact and systemic turf fungicide) or Instrata Elite (a broad spectrum foliar fungicide). 

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