What is Clover?

Clover comes from the legume family which also includes Peas & Beans. They have root nodules which allows them to make their own nitrogen - making them an attractive plant to have within pasture land. They have flower heads which are usually 3 lobed but can sometimes be 4 headed. There are different types of clovers but the most common are White & Red Clover.


The plant is found anywhere but most commonly in lawns or grassland. It can be identified with small flowers and petal shaped leaves.

The Problem:

Clover is not always a problem, in fact, most farmers encourage Clover and use weed killers that are ‘Clover Safe’ to ensure only the grass and Clover is encouraged to grow. However, in Lawns it can look untidy & swarm out grass; and in pasture land it can cause issues of laminitis with horses due to the high amount of nitrogen it can produce.


Though it is time consuming, hand weeding or hoeing beds and borders can be the best way to control this weed. However, there are a number of herbicides available that will effectively control Clover. If you are wanting to control other weeds but keep the Clover, look at Clovermax. 

Clover in 'Bare Areas'

We recommend a treatment of Diamond which will control all other weeds and grasses.

Clover in Grassland

We recommend looking at Thrust which is safe to the grass. If you have this problem within a lawn we advise looking at Enforcer.

For more information regarding Clover control, please get in touch with our sales team on 01522 246491.