The Problem:

Sycamore seeds and leaves found in paddocks and pasture are blown over from fields and Acer trees (Sycamore trees) in the vicinity. Ingestion of the toxic sycamore seeds, leaves or seedlings by grazing horses, usually in Autumn or Spring time, result in an often fatal illness Atypical myopathy or Sycamore poisoning. Signs of Atypical myopathy in horses include muscular weakness and stiffness, dark urine, colic-like signs, sweating and trembling. However the onset of the disease can be extremely rapid, with some horses being found dead in their fields. Horses diagnosed early by blood and urine tests can be treated with intravenous fluids and intensive care, but once the signs are present it is already very serious. 

How to Prevent & Control?

If you have identified sycamore seeds, saplings or leaves in your paddock or pasture then we recommend the following;

1. Fence off any areas where sycamore seeds/leaves have fallen and apply a specialist mixture of 2 weedkillers; Envy and Grazon. 

Specifically developed by our grassland Agronomist our unique combination of weedkillers is highly effective against difficult to control woody and herbaceous weeds, including Sycamore, Ragwort, Docks and Thistles. It has a selective action which means it will not harm grasses when applied at the recommended rates.

Being safe to grass makes Envy and Grazon an attractive alternative to Roundup® when used to control large woody weeds such as tree saplings. This mixture is a very universal product as it is also strong on troublesome weeds such as Marestail, Ground Elder and Nettles.

Our recommended application rate for a boom sprayer is 2L per Ha of Envy and 1L per Ha of Grazon. This can also be applied in a knapsack sprayer and the recommended rate is 100ml of Envy and 50ml of Grazon in 10L of water. 

2. Inspect fields regularly to identify any new seeds, saplings and leaves.

3. If pasture is poor then supply extra forage (hay or haylage). 

4. Reduce stock density, so there is enough quality grazing for each horse.

5. Turn out horses for shorter periods (less than 6 hours).

6. Contact your vet as soon as your concerned.

Whilst every care is taken in the preparation of this recommendation, we cannot accept responsibility for unsatisfactory results. Many other factors beyond our control, either before, at, or after application, can affect the efficacy of the recommended treatment. Manufacturer’s instructions should ALWAYS be read before application. Agrigem accept no responsibility for Extension of Use applications, EAMU’s are always applied at the customers own risk. READ THE LABEL BEFORE YOU BUY, USE PESTICIDES SAFELY, ALWAYS READ THE AND FOLLOW PRODUCT LABEL ADVICE. CHECK THE STATUTORY BOX ON THE LABELS FOR “NO SPRAY ZONES” AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS.

We recommend using a specialist mix of Envy and Grazon - two strong, selective, post-emergence herbicides. 

For more information on controlling Sycamore Seedlings, please get in touch with our sales team on 01522 246491.