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Box Tree Caterpillar / Moth Trap

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Box Tree Caterpillar / Moth Trap
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Control Caterpillars And Moths On Box Trees

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Treats (Pest/Weed/Disease)Caterpillar
Safe For Use OnSafe Around Shrubs, Safe Around Trees
Period Of UseApril, May, June, July, August, September, October


A relatively new insect to Britain, the box tree caterpillar (cydalima perspectalis) feed within webbing and can defoliate box plants entirely. Symtoms of this difficult pest are webbing, patches of dieback, visible yellow flat eggs on the underside of box leaves and also visible caterpillar and pupae. Box tree caterpillars can grow up to 4cm in length and feed on plant leaves. As the caterpillars develop into pupae they wrap themselves in web like material.

There are several generations of box tree caterpillars that are seen from April to October. One way to control the population is to trap the male moths to prevent them mating with the females and producing fertile eggs. This Box Tree Caterpillar/ Moth Trap contains a lure that smells like the female; the male moths will be attracted to this scent and become trapped.

The trap will need hanging on a cane (not provided) in an open area close to the plants under threat. A Replacement Lure will need to be used after 5-6 weeks. This trap is supplied with two lures.

How Many Traps Do I Need?

Each trap covers an area of 180 square meters, so as long as the traps are placed more than 20 meters apart, more than one can be used in a smaller area.

Key Benefits:

- Chemical free method of control for box tree caterpillars.

- Easy to use.

- Allows you to monitor the severity of box tree caterpillar infestation.

- Re-usable.


Our Recommendation:

- Always read the product label before use.

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