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Codling Moth Trap

£20.39 inc VAT £16.99 ex VAT
  • Provides effective control over codling moths.
  • Chemical free.
  • Can be used in an organic garden.

Full Description

Codling moths are a destructive pest that target fruit trees such as apple and pear. Moths lay eggs that turn into caterpillars that then eat into the fruit making it un-edible.

One way to break this cycle is to help reduce the numbers of eggs laid by inhibiting mating which in turn reduces the population. This trap uses a long-lasting pheromone lure to simulate the smell of the female moth to attract the male and then trap it. Reducing the amount of male moths simultaneously reduces the moth population as a whole as mating is largely prevented. This Codling Moth Trap needs to be hung in trees from the month of May onwards. We recommend one trap for 16 - 20 trees depending on proximity. A Replacement Lure will need to be used every 6 weeks.

This castellation trap is completely glue free and requires it to be filled with water during installation. The holes in the trap are big enough for moths to enter but will not cause other animals such as birds or larger insects to become trapped.


Our Recommendation

  • Use one trap per 16 - 20 trees.
  • Monitor numbers by regularily checking the trap.
  • Use between May until approximately October.
  • This trap is re-usuable so do not throw it away at the end of the season.

Technical Specification

ProductCodling Moth Trap
BrandCodling Moth
Period Of UseSpring, Summer
Area of UseTrees, Ornamentals
Pack Size CoverageApprox 16 - 20 trees
Safe For Use OnAround Fruit Trees
£20.39 inc VAT £16.99 ex VAT
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