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Chafer Beetle Garden Trap

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  • Chemical free control of Chafer Grubs and Beetles.
  • Each lure lasts 6 weeks.
  • Allows you to monitor the severity of Chafer Grub/Beetle infestation.

Full Description

Chafer Grubs and Chafer Beetles are troublesome garden pests that destroy lawns and are difficult to control. This garden Chafer Beetle Trap works by attracting the adult beetles that emerge from the soil between May and June with a specially formed liquid that you will need to add to the trap during installation. The beetles are then trapped inside the plastic container unable to escape.

By catching the Chafer Beetle in this trap you will prevent it from reproducing and laying eggs; catching one female Chafer Beetle will prevent a further 10-50 eggs being laid. These eggs develop into Chafer Grubs that remain underground and eat through grass roots and kill lawns. Not only will they eat their way through your lawn, they are also an attractive meal for mammals and birds that will tear through your grass to eat them. These grubs then develop into adult beetles that you will see flying above the surface of the ground. Catching these adults will also give you an idea of if there is a chafer problem in your lawn, which will then need treating with nemotodes - please see the product below which will control the Chafers in the grub stage.

Each trap comes with a lure, but a Replacement Lure will need putting in after 6 weeks. We recommend installing these traps ready for the beginning of May when the beetles begin to emerge. We recommend installing 4 traps per 1,500m².

** Please note the cane shown is not included **


Our Recommendation

  • Always read the product label before use.
  • To treat Chafer Grubs with nemotodes take a look at NEMAcontrol.
  • For a chemical insecticide, take a look at Resolva Bug Killer.

Technical Specification

ProductChafer Beetle Garden Trap
BrandChafer Beetle
Period Of UseSpring, Summer
Area of UsePaddock, Pasture, Lawns, Sports Turf, Amenity Turf
Safe For Use OnGrass, Lawns, New Grass
Product LabelDownload

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£27.60 inc VAT £23.00 ex VAT
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