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Leatherjacket & Ant Control - Steinernema Feltiae

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Leatherjacket & Ant Control - Steinernema Feltiae
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Biological Control For Leatherjacket & Ants Using Their Natural Predator
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£15.59 Inc VAT £12.99 EX VAT
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Period Of Use August, September, October


This is used for the control of Leather Jackets and ants. It contains the parasitic nematodes of Steinernema feltiae. The Steinernema will seek out the Leather Jackets and penetrate them, infect them with bacteria which stops them from feeding and the Leather Jackets will quickly die and the Steinernema will continue to breed and seek out more Leather Jackets. This product is completely safe for people, environment, crops and beneficial insects. They will also control sciarid fly larvae, thrip pupae, shore fly, leaf miner, ants and black vine weevil larvae.

Can be used on moist lawns and grass where the soil temperatures are above 8oC Storage: This product is perishable as it is a live product. They should only be stored for a maximum of 2 days after receipt and must be stored at a temperature of 2-6oC.

Can be applied from August through to October. After October the soil is too cold. Can be applied again from March to April at double rate.

  • Safe for humans, pets and the environment – children and pets need not be excluded from the areas.
  • Steinernema feltiae will also seek out other pests in their soil borne stage meaning you have extra control of other pests at no extra cost.
  • They are completely harmless to earthworms which are a great natural beneficiary to your soil.
  • They can be used on a huge range of crops – turf, beds and borders, pots and planters or around trees and shrubs.
  • Nematodes have no effects on other beneficials you may introduce to your crops so if you have added other biological control products they will happily live alongside each other.
  • They give long lasting protection against soil dwelling pests so you do not need to keep buying more product every week.
  • They can be used in an organic pest control programme.

Please note that delivery can take up to 2 weeks - these are a live product that have specific transportation and storage conditons

**Due to the fact this is a living organism and requires refrigerated transport, all delivery details must be correct and someone must be in to receive the parcel. Failure to do this will likely result in the product having to be replaced at an additional cost**