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Organic Nematode Slug Control


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Product Description

Lower Rate: 300,000 nematodes per sqm in 1 litre of water
Re-application: every 4-6 weeks to achieve effective and constant control
Higher Rate: 50,000 nematodes per sqm in 1 litre of water
Re-application: Every week to achieve effective & constant control at this rate.

NEMAslug contains millions of tiny nematodes called Heterorhabditis hermaphrodita which actively seek out slugs and infect them with a bacteria which will stop them from feeding and kill them. The nematodes will then leave the corpse and seek out more slugs and snails. All kinds of slugs will be targeted and unlike other controls you will not see dead slugs as they go underground to die.  As they are so safe, they can be used on all edible crops and ornamentals. They can be used to control (nude) snails such as field snails (Deroceras sp.), many bottom snails (Oxyloma sp.) and road snails (Arion sp.).

NEMAslug is a 100% safe product for pets, children and other wildlife. It is also environmentally friendly and are a perfect choice for organic gardeners. They work down to temperatures of 5oC so can be used early in the season but will also survive the odd frost. Nematodes are particularly effective in damp, wet weather unlike pellets which can become less effective when wet. For best results nematodes need to be reapplied every 6 weeks. Nematodes are perishable and need to be applied quickly after delivery. They can however be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Features and Benefits

Suitable for use in organic gardens – chemical free

100% safe for children, pets and wildlife – they don’t need to be excluded from the area

Easy to apply with a watering can – no expensive equipment needed

Active for 6 weeks – less frequent application than alternative pellet products

Thrives in wet damp conditions – pellet efficacy deteriorates and need to be reapplied more often

Zero harvest interval – Edible crops can be treated and eaten immediately

Can be used all year round in polytunnels and greenhouses – Year round control so pest problem doesn’t escalate

Slugs move underground to die – No unsightly dead slugs and snails in view

Slugs under the soil surface will be treated – Slug pellets do not move through the soil and will only kill slugs on the surface

Please note that delivery can take up to 2 weeks

**Due to the fact this is a living organism and requires refrigerated transport, all delivery details must be correct and someone must be in to receive the parcel. Failure to do this will likely result in the product having to be replaced at an additional cost**


Active Ingredient Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita
Pack Size Coverage 100m2-830m2 (Depends on Pack Size)

Application Rates