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Steel J Pins - Pack of 20

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Perfect for various landscaping tasks.

200mm x 4mm diameter

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Full Description

Steel J Pins emerge as the ideal solution for a myriad of landscaping tasks, offering unparalleled versatility and robustness. From anchoring ground protection mesh to securing weed control mats and mulch mats, these J-shaped pins stand as reliable anchors that effortlessly tackle a range of landscaping challenges.

The specifications of our Steel J Pins showcase their adaptability to various landscaping needs. With dimensions of 200mm x 4mm, these pins are crafted for stability and durability. The pack of 20 ensures you have an ample supply to meet the demands of your landscaping projects, whether you're working on a small garden endeavor or a larger outdoor transformation.

These Steel J Pins find optimal use in a variety of landscaping applications, proving their efficacy on diverse surfaces and materials. They are specifically designed for securing weed fabric rolls, ensuring that your garden remains weed-free and well-maintained. Additionally, these pins are perfect for anchoring tree mulch mat spats, providing stability and preventing displacement even in areas with significant foot traffic.

Erosion control matting is another area where the Steel J Pins shine, holding the mat securely in place to prevent soil erosion and promote sustainable landscaping practices. Furthermore, these pins are indispensable for ensuring the stability of grass protector mesh, offering a reliable solution to keep grass areas protected while preserving the aesthetics of your landscape.

Steel J Pins Size & Quantity:

  • 200mm x 4mm - Pack of 20

For use on:

  • Weed Fabric Rolls
  • Tree Mulch Mat Spats
  • Erosion Control Matting
  • Grass Protector Mesh

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ProductSteel J Pins - Pack of 20
£4.27 inc VAT £3.56 ex VAT
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