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Bamboo Pegs - Pack of 100

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Bamboo pegs are perfect for securing mulch mats located around newly planted trees. The bamboo will naturally biodegrade as the tree establishes itself, resulting in zero waste.

150mm diameter

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Full Description

Elevate your landscaping practices with our environmentally friendly bamboo pegs, specifically designed to secure mulch mats around newly planted trees. These bamboo pegs serve as an eco-conscious alternative, providing a sustainable solution that aligns with modern landscaping principles. As a natural material, bamboo brings inherent benefits to the environment, ensuring that your tree planting efforts are not only successful but also leave a minimal ecological footprint.

The application of bamboo pegs for securing mulch mats proves to be a practical and sustainable choice. The bamboo material, known for its strength and durability, offers reliable support during the crucial initial phases of tree establishment. What sets these pegs apart is their ability to naturally biodegrade over time as the tree matures, contributing to a circular and regenerative approach to landscaping.

Choosing bamboo pegs for mulch mat installation translates into zero waste, as the material undergoes a natural degradation process, leaving behind no residual environmental impact. This not only simplifies post-planting maintenance but also underscores a commitment to sustainable landscaping practices that prioritize both the health of the newly planted trees and the broader ecosystem.

Bamboo Pegs Size & Quantity:

  • 150mm - Pack of 100

Our Recommendation

  • 4 – 5 pegs are recommended for a 50cm x 50cm mulch mat (sold separately).

Technical Specification

ProductBamboo Pegs - Pack of 100
£4.19 inc VAT £3.49 ex VAT
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