You will need: 

- Total weed killer

- Herbicide enhancer, eg Activate G

- Applicator (knapsack sprayer, weed wiper ect) 

- Correct PPE (overalls, rubber boots, chemical resisitant gloves & face shield) 


How Do I Control Weeds On My Drive Or Path?

If you have weeds on your block paved/gravel driveway, we’d suggest using one of two methods. One being New Way Weed Spray which contains acetic acid that kills both driveway weeds and moss. Alternatively, if you have a particularly stubborn weed problem a total weed killer that includes the glyphosate active ingredient like Gallup Home & Garden.

Total weed killers are non-selective herbicides which will kill everything that it comes in to contact with. Making them ideal for total weed control on hard surfaces including paths, gravel driveways, patios and wasteland. However, avoid use on lawns or planted areas as it will kill grass and any other plants that you don’t want to kill.

How Can I Aid the Weedkiller To Work More Effectively?
When using a total weed killer, like Clinic Up for example, you can improve it’s performance in poor weather and against stubborn weeds by combining it with Activate G, which acts as an enhancer. Please ensure you check the label before mixing products.

What About Other Surfaces Such As Fence Lines?
Consider using the product Chikara alongside a total weed killer like Gallup Biograde 360 if you are encountering weeds on permeable surfaces overlying soil like paths, fence lines and of course gravel driveways. Using them both together kills the weeds that are present and lays a residual barrier which will kill any other weeds which try to grow. The great thing about this product is that it will provide weed control for up to 5 months, avoiding multiple weed killing applications. Paradise is a product that is widely used by Councils, contractors, utility companies and landscapers. It is far more cost effective to treat once with Paradise, rather than 3-4 times with ordinary glyphosate or repeated strimming.

We recommend using a glyphosate total herbicide (a weedkiller that will kill everything it touches) such as Roundup Pro Active or Gallup Biograde 360. 

For more information on controlling tough weeds on your driveway or path, please get in touch with our sales team on 01522 246491.