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200L Drum Tap

£18.00 inc VAT £15.00 ex VAT

This 3/4" Drum Tap is a durable chemical-resistant tap which comes with an adaptor to allow its use from a 2" bung. This drum tap is 100% polyethylene allowing it to be resistant against a wide range of chemicals, durable and easy to clean.

Full Description

This tap is engineered to withstand a diverse range of chemicals, making it an ideal choice for various industrial applications. Equipped with a convenient adaptor, it easily fits into a 2" bung, ensuring compatibility with standard drum sizes.

Crafted from 100% polyethylene, this drum tap not only guarantees durability but also offers unparalleled resistance against the corrosive effects of chemicals. The polyethylene construction ensures that the tap remains steadfast in the face of challenging substances, providing long-lasting reliability and minimizing the risk of chemical reactions or degradation.

Operating the drum tap is a user-friendly experience with its 3/4" threaded design. The handle is intelligently designed for easy twisting, allowing seamless control over the flow of liquids. Whether you are dealing with corrosive substances, industrial chemicals, or other liquids, this chemical-resistant drum tap ensures precision dispensing while maintaining a secure and leak-free seal.

Furthermore, the 100% polyethylene construction simplifies the cleaning process, facilitating maintenance and ensuring the tap remains in optimal condition for extended use. The chemical-resistant properties coupled with the easy-to-clean design make this drum tap a reliable and practical choice for industries where handling and dispensing various liquids are routine.

Key Information:

  • Chemical-resistant.
  • ¾” Thread.
  • Handle twists open and closed.
  • 100% polyethylene construction.

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Product200L Drum Tap
£18.00 inc VAT £15.00 ex VAT
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