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Blood Fish & Bone 25kg

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  • Can be applied to all plants and crops.
  • Provides major nutrients needed for strong and healthy growth.
  • Can be spread by hand or with a spreader.
  • Made from organic material.
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Full Description

Blood Fish & Bone is an organic-based general purpose plant food which provides the major nutrients required for strong healthy growth. This granular fertiliser contains three active ingredients - nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. The nitrogen encourages strong growth and green, rich foliage whilst the slow release phosphate increases root growth.

Blood Fish & Bone is a granular, powdered material which can be applied via hand or fertiliser spreader to all plants and crops.

When using before planting or sowing apply Blood Fish & Bone at 140g/m² and lightly fork or rake into the soil. When using this product as a top dressing apply at 70g/m² and lightly fork into the soil.

Our Recommendation

  • Always read the product label before use.
  • Water in the fertiliser if it does not rain within 14 hours of application.
  • Keep off of plant stems.

Technical Specification

ProductBlood Fish & Bone 25kg
Period Of UseAll Year Round
Pack Size25kg
Active Ingredient5% nitrogen, 5% phosphate, 6.5% potassium
Application MethodSpreader, Spread By Hand
Area of UseTrees, Ornamentals, Plants, Horticulture, Fruit Crops, Agricultural Crops, Vegetables
Safe For Use OnGrass, Lawns, Paddocks, Pasture, Sports Turf, Around Fruit Trees, Conifer Safe

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Calculator Disclaimer - This is guide only, For crop specific rates please check the product label.

£19.74 inc VAT £16.45 ex VAT
QTYPrice per itemSaving
1 - 9 £19.74 £16.45
10+ £15.54 £12.95 22%
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