You will need: 

- Nutrient based animal deterrent (e.g Grazers) 

- Applicator (knapsack/boom sprayer) 

- Correct PPE (overalls, rubber boots, chemical resistant gloves & face shield) 


Birds Digging Up The Lawn: 

If you keep on finding small 2-3cm holes in your lawn, it’s highly likely to have been caused by birds. This is because they are foraging for food in the shape of insect, grubs and worms. The truth is that the insects and grubs will do more damage to the lawn than the birds will, the birds are in fact helping control the population.

Getting rid of the bird problem means getting rid of the underlying insect and pest problem. In this instance we’d suggest calling a professional to diagnose your scenario and suggest a method of control. (For more information on Chafer and leatherjacket control, see our other guides).

Larger Birds & Mammals:

Alternatively, you can apply the chemical Grazers which is effective in deterring several pests including rabbits, deer, pigeons, geese and other mammals. This chemical must be applied to the foliage of any growing plant where it is takin in systematically. Use it on ornamental plants, shrubs, bedding, fruit, vegetables and lawns. Thankfully it is odourless to humans and safe for people, pets, plants and the planet.

We’d suggest monthly applications, but this might need to be adjusted due to the number of variables, time of year, location, type and age of plants at risk so it is important to monitor. We would also recommend building the presence of Grazers up in the plant with 2 or 3 applications 3 days apart, where practical, then leave and monitor. This is also a good practice in Autumn to help the plants through the winter. For lawns, apply just after mowing and if possible leave 5-7 days before re mowing.


To deter larger birds and mammals we recommend using Grazers. This can be used on a wide range of areas and is completely safe for humans, pets and plants. 

For more information on protecting your lawn from bird and mammal damage, please get in touch with our sales team on 01522 246491.