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Red Spider Mite Control - Phytoseiulus

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Red Spider Mite Control - Phytoseiulus
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Natural Biological Phytoseiulus Red Mite Control
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Key Information

Additional Information

Brand Agralan
Pack Size Coverage 100 sqm
Active Ingredient Phytoseiulus
Application Method(s) Knapsack, Watering Can
Treats (Pest/Weed/Disease) Red Spider Mite
Period Of Use June, July, August


Phytoseiulus persimilis is the predatory mite for the control of red spider mite. The mites will search for all stages of spider mites from egg to adult and eat them. They can eat up to 5 adult spider mites per day or 20 eggs or larvae. In optimum conditions, a Pytoseiulus population will grow faster than a spider mite population and are particularly useful to mites that have developed resistance to chemicals. Can be used on any crop in temperatures of 15-30oC and preferably with a high humidity.

Storage: This product is perishable as it is a live product. They should only be stored for a maximum of 2 days after receipt and must be stored at a temperature of 6-10oC.

This pack will cover 100 square meters.

Please allow two weeks for delvery of this product after ordering.

Key Benefits:

- Safe for humans, pets and the environment – children and pets need not be excluded from the areas.

- There is no resistance to the predatory mites – Spider mite will build up a resistance to chemicals so they are no longer effective. This means that it will remain effective and in some cases is the only control method available.

- It can be used on a wide range of crops so there is no need to buy more than one product for different crops.

- Phytoseiulus will control all stages of a spider mites lifecycle so there is a greater chance of eradicating the pest.

- Phytoseiulus will remain active as long as they have a source of food. They won’t continuously need reapplying if they have spider mite to feed on.

- Can be used in an organic garden.

Our Recommendation:
- Use in optimum conditions to ensure the Pytoseiulus population grows faster than the red spider mite.
- Use within 2 days of delivery.
Please note that delivery can take up to 2 weeks - these are a live product that have specific transportation and storage conditons
**Due to the fact this is a living organism and requires refrigerated transport, all delivery details must be correct and someone must be in to receive the parcel. Failure to do this will likely result in the product having to be replaced at an additional cost**