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Lawns & Amenity Turf

Weed Killer For Lawns

Our range of weed killers suitable for use on lawns and amenity turf are selective weed killers that target the specific weed but leave the grass unharmed. Weeds not only look untidy, but they can also be poisonous and steal vital nutrients from the grass. Weeds in sports pitches or golf courses are particularly troublesome as they can affect play. 

In most circumstances, an annual treatment in the Spring will control the majority of weeds, however re-treating in Autumn may need to be considered if the problem is particularly bad.  

Please note these products may require a pesticide operator’s license to apply and may have restrictions as to what area or time of year they can be applied. For further information on our range, or for advice on your weed control programme please see our free online help and advice centre. 

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