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Lawns & Amenity Turf

Lawns and Amenity Turf Selective Weedkillers target the specific problem weeds leaving the grass unharmed.Weeds not only look untidy, but they can also be poisonous and steal vital nutrients from the grass. Weeds in grassland used for sport are particularly troublesome as they can effect play. In most circumstances, an annual treatment in the Spring will control the majority of weeds, however re-treating in Autumn may need to be considered if the problem is particularly bad. 

Our reference chart below will help you to choose the best lawn weed control product based on the weeds you want to control; as different active ingredients will target different types of weeds. You may need to mix more than one product with a combinations of active ingredients to effectively kill different weed groups. For best results and the most cost effective control, we recommend the use of sprayable liquid, however granules are often suited to smaller areas. 

Please note these products require a pesticide applicators licence, alternatively we have a range of domestic weed killer products which are suitable for the home and garden. For free technical advice on any problem weed removal our BASIS qualified advisers are available by ohone on 01522 246491 or by email.

  Depitox Enforcer Interfix Mogul Praxys Turfmaster

Greenforce Weed,

Feed & Moss Killer

Self Heal
Coverage per Pack 30,0002 6,0002 12,0002 40,0002 15,0002 20,0002 7502
Spray Type BS+KS BS+KS BS+KS BS+KS BS+KS BS Spread
Pack Size 5L or 10L 5L 5L 5L 2L 10L 15kg
Price per 100m2 £0.17 £0.67 £0.84 £0.54 £0.76 £0.40 £6.81
  KS = Knapsack Sprayer BS = Boom Sprayer  = Best Control

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