What Types of Fertiliser Spreaders Are There?

There is a huge range of fertiliser spreaders available for most tasks and budgets. For lawns, and other small areas a push-along spreader will work just fine, or for very small areas and budgets (or if you don’t mind the exercise!) – a hand spreader can be used.

For fertilising larger areas such as paddocks and field then we recommend using a mounted spreader (suitable for using with tractors) or a towable spreader that can be attached to vehicles with a tow bar such as a quad bike.

Remember – certain fertiliser spreaders can be used to disperse grass seed or Rock Salt to prevent ice.

How To Use a Fertiliser Spreader:

- You will need to work out the application rate and spreader setting needed for the area you are treating. We always recommend following the manufacturers guidelines or speaking to one of our trained technical advisors.

- Map out in your head where you need to walk or drive, taking into account the distance that the fertiliser is spread. The faster you move, the further the fertiliser is spread.

- Fill the spreader with fertiliser, being careful not to spill or over-fill. 

- Start spreading, we recommend snaking up and down your lawn, paddock or field. Take care not to over-treat corners.

- Once you have finished spreading, any remaining fertiliser in the spreader will need to be returned to the bag, ready to use again next time.


Top Tip! 

Walk/drive at a relatively fast pace. The faster you move, the further the fertiliser is spread!