What Are Industrial Weed Killers?

Industrial weed killers are total herbicides (a weed killer that will target and kill every weed/plant it touches) and typically contain the active ingredient glyphosate. Usually, the higher the amount of glyphosate, the stronger the weed killer will be. Industrial weed killers are commonly used to control weeds on hard surfaces such as roadsides and along fences and walls and they are also ideal for removing weeds from ground prior to planting and sowing seeds.

The Products:

There are some well-known brands of total weeds killers, the main one being Roundup. Roundup Pro Active contains 360g of glyphosate per litre and offers long-term control of difficult weeds. Roundup Pro Vantage contains a higher level of active ingredient, containing 480g of glyphosate per litre, and is therefore the stronger industrial weed killer out of the two. Roundup Pro Active and Pro Vantage are also one of the few products on the current market approved for use in aquatic areas.

Similar to Roundup Pro Active, Rosate 360 TF is a total weed killer containing 360g of glyphosate per litre. It is ideal for use on hard surfaces, such as drives, and on non-crop areas. Also containing 360g per litre of glyphosate, Clinic Up is a tallowamine free herbicide. This means it is ‘clean labelled’ and is preferred under COSHH.

If you're looking for a product to control the particularly tough and invasive weed, Horsetail, Diamond is ideal. A mix of two active ingredients (160g of 2,4-D per litre and 240g of glyphosate per litre), Diamond can penetrate the weed’s root system much quicker and deeper than products only containing glyphosate.

Mainly used by councils, contractors and landscapers, Paradise is a total weed killer offering control of annual and perennial weeds for up to 6 months when used at the correct rates. Containing 25% flazasulfuron, Paradise is a water dispersible granule formula and is ideal for mixing with a glyphosate-based product.


Make sure you wear the correct PPE, such as Overalls, Face Shield, Wellington Boots and Chemical Resistant Gloves, when handling total weed killers.