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Leystar 2L

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  • One of only a few select herbicides which can be used on newly sown leys.
  • Post-emergence foliar acting herbicide specifically designed for the effective eradication of Daisy, Dandelion, Buttercup, Docks, Great Plantain and Ribwort Plantain.
  • Very short grazing interval (only 7 days) allows livestock to be returned to grassland quickly. Not for use on grassland / paddocks which will be grazed by horses and ponies
  • Less chance of re-growth as the herbicide is foliar acting meaning the active ingredients travel to the root of the weed.
  • Wide application period – Leystar can be applied between the 1st February to 30th September.

Full Description

Leystar is a 3-way post emergent selective Herbicide with a broad spectrum of weed control. It is designed to specifically target Dandelion, Daisy, Buttercup, Cleavers, Ribwort Plantain and other Broad-leaved weeds such as Common Chickweed and Thistle. With a short window between spraying and returning grazing animals. This product is also one of the few on the market that is safe for use on newly sown leys. Leystar can be applied through a vehicle mounted or hand held sprayer making it a useful and versatile product. Leystar also has a useful approval & EAMU for controlling weeds in Maize & Maize Gamecover.

When using Leystar to control weeds such as Thistle and Plantain, we recommend mixing in a herbicide enhancer such as Activate-g 1L. This helps the herbicide to be drawn into the leaves more effectively & cuts down on the loss of product. It will also help reduce the amount of time it takes for the chemical to dry on the leaf.

To improve the effectiveness of controlling weeds with Leystar by up to 25%, we recommend using Activate-G Herbicide Enhancer

DO NOT USE ON Grassland which will be grazed by horses and ponies.

Our Recommendation

  • For best results apply Leystar to weeds which are small and are actively growing.
  • Allow an interval of 4 weeks after application before cutting grass to optimise the effect of the herbicide.
  • Do not roll or harrow grass for 10 days before or 7 days after application.
  • Do not apply to crops which are under stress such as frost or drought as this can affect the performance of the product.
  • Save money and time and mix in with Blue Dye to ensure no areas are missed or overdosed.
  • Always wear protective clothing, such as Chemical Resistant Gloves, when handling Leystar.

Technical Specification

ProductLeystar 2L
Period Of UseSpring, Summer
Pack Size2 Litre
Active Ingredient100 g/litre fluroxypyr + 80 g/litre clopyralid + 2.5 g/litre florasulam
Application MethodKnapsack, Boom Sprayer
Knapsack Sprayer Rate50-100ml in 10L per 500m²
Area of UseAgricultural Crops
MAPP No.19938
LERAP Category
Boom Sprayer Rate2L per Hectare or 800ml per Acre
Pack Size CoverageUp to 2 Hectares or 5 acres
Safe For Use OnGrass
Treats (Pest / Weed / Disease)Annual Weeds, Bindweed, Broad-leaved Dock, Broadleaved Weeds, Buttercup, Chickweed, Clover, Dandelion, Dock, Plantain, Thistle
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By law, everyone who uses pesticides professionally must have received adequate training in using pesticides safely and be skilled in the job they are carrying out. Upon purchasing this product you and/or the end users are responsibile for ensuring that these products are used in line with industry Approved Codes of Practice. All operators must be trained and certificated in using and applying any Ministry Approved Professional Product (MAPP). Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Please be aware that by proceeding you are purchasing a professional pesticide product. You must ensure the end user of these products complies with the DEFRA/HSE Code for the Safe use of Pesticides. There are legal responsibilities covering the storage and use of professional use pesticides. These responsibilities are covered by The Food and Environment Protection Act 1985 (FEPA) and Control of Pesticide Regulations 1986 (COPR).
£87.00 inc VAT £72.50 ex VAT
QTYPrice per itemSaving
1 - 3 £87.00 £72.50
4 - 7 £84.00 £70.00 4%
8+ £81.60 £68.00 7%
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