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Sapphire Hard Surface Cleaner 1L

£31.19 inc VAT £25.99 ex VAT
  • Covers up to 4 times the area of similar products.
  • Effectively treats and prevents mould, algae and grime on all hard surfaces.
  • Works on contact with the target.
  • Continues to work for 5-7 days after application. Effects typically shown after 2-4 days.
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Full Description

Sapphire® is a brand new product developed specifically for those requiring an outdoor cleaner which covers larger areas. Sapphire® will cover up to 4 times the area of various other brands. This is due partly to the strength of Sapphire®, but also due to its special surfactant system which allow the active ingredients to penetrate quicker and deeper than other brands.

Sapphire® is an easy and effective way to treat and prevent mould, algae and grime on all hard surfaces. There is no need to scrub or pressure wash, just dilute and apply. This product typically works in 2-4 days (depending on weather) and then continues to prevent re-growth. This biocide is made up of a dynamic combination of anti-bacterial disinfectant and is ideal for cleaning hard surface areas including concrete, roofs, patios, wood, tennis courts, glass, plastic and block paving.

It is compatible with weed killers such as glyphosate, although label tank mixes must be followed. It is also safe to use as it is readily biodegradable and contains no bleach or acids.

If you require a larger pack size look at Sapphire 5L or Sapphire 20L.

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Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

**In recent years, products which killed moss on hard surfaces have been classified in the UK as “biocides” and have been approved and controlled under the UK’s biocides regulations. Now, due to recent changes, products that kill moss on hard surfaces have been re-classified by the EC as herbicides. Due to this, we are unable to claim that this product will control moss; In spite of the fact that the product formulation has not changed since when it was used to control moss with very good results**

Our Recommendation

  • Always read the product label before use.
  • For best results apply at the higher rate with plenty of water on a dry and sunny day.
  • The best time to treat moss is in the autumn and spring.
  • We also do this product in bigger pack sizes - Sapphire 5L and Sapphire 20L.
  • Save money and time and mix with Blue Dye to ensure no areas are missed or overdosed.
  • Use this product to remove black grime or mould from natural stone paving slabs.
  • Always wear protective clothing, such as Chemical Resistant Gloves, when handling Sapphire®.

Technical Specification

ProductSapphire Hard Surface Cleaner 1L
Period Of UseAutumn, Winter, All Year Round
Pack Size1 Litre
Active IngredientDidecyldimethyl-ammonium chloride 112.5g/L
Application MethodKnapsack, Boom Sprayer, Watering Can
Knapsack Sprayer Rate1L per 20L of water (strong) or 500ml per 20L of water (weak)
Area of UseHard Surfaces, Artificial Surfaces
MAPP No.HSE 10417
Boom Sprayer Rate10L per 200L of water (strong) or 5L per 200L of water (weak)
Pack Size Coverage100m² - 200m² depending on dose rate
Treats (Pest / Weed / Disease)Algae, Lichen, Mould
Product LabelDownload

Product Calculator

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Purchase the correct amount of product for your requirements with our product calculator - which will tell you how much product you require.


Calculator Disclaimer - This is guide only, For crop specific rates please check the product label.


By law, everyone who uses pesticides professionally must have received adequate training in using pesticides safely and be skilled in the job they are carrying out. Upon purchasing this product you and/or the end users are responsibile for ensuring that these products are used in line with industry Approved Codes of Practice. All operators must be trained and certificated in using and applying any Ministry Approved Professional Product (MAPP). Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Please be aware that by proceeding you are purchasing a professional pesticide product. You must ensure the end user of these products complies with the DEFRA/HSE Code for the Safe use of Pesticides. There are legal responsibilities covering the storage and use of professional use pesticides. These responsibilities are covered by The Food and Environment Protection Act 1985 (FEPA) and Control of Pesticide Regulations 1986 (COPR).
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