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ProTurf 20-0-7 25kg

£55.00 inc VAT £45.83 ex VAT
  • Strong initial boost coupled with longevity.
  • Ideal for applications in season.
  • Magnesium content improves turf health and colour.

Full Description

ICL Pro Turf is a slow-release mini-fertiliser which features a quick-release portion, delivering an immediate response to your turf. Experience sustained growth for an extended period of 2 to 3 months, thanks to the controlled nutrient delivery system. The addition of magnesium enhances turf colour and overall health, leaving your lawn looking vibrant and lush,

Pro Turf 20-0-7 contains the ingredient polyhalite, providing turf with the essential nutrients it requires. This unique composition offers a strong initial boost to your turf, combined with long-lasting effects that keep it thriving throughout the season.

Our Recommendation

  • Apply to dry foliage.
  • Avoid applications during frosty or drought conditions.
  • If spilt on pavement, concrete, clothes, etc wash off immediately as the product can cause discoloration.
  • Applications should be made after aeration programs like hollow tining, sliting a/o scarification to prevent granule damage.
  • Always wear protective clothing, such as Chemical Resistant Gloves, when handling Pro Turf.

Technical Specification

ProductProTurf 20-0-7 25kg
Period Of UseSpring, Summer
Active Ingredient20% nitrogen, 0% phosphours, 5.8% potassium, 1.8% magnessium, 4.3% calcium
Application MethodSpreader
Area of UseLawns, Sports Turf
Pack Size Coverage714-1,250m²
Granule Size1-2.5mm
£55.00 inc VAT £45.83 ex VAT
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