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SupaGarden Spray Gun Set

£7.14 inc VAT £5.95 ex VAT

Introducing the SupaGarden Spray Gun Set, a comprehensive and versatile tool designed to revolutionise your watering experience.

Full Description

This inclusive set ensures you have everything you need for efficient and customisable watering, featuring a 1/2" or 3/4" threaded tap connector, a female fitting for seamless attachment, a female water stop fitting for convenient control and a 6-pattern spray gun that elevates the versatility of your watering practices.

The highlight of this set is the 6-pattern spray gun, which allows you to tailor your watering approach to the specific needs of different plants and garden areas. The adjustable nozzle provides six distinct spray patterns, including a flat spray for wide coverage, a shower pattern for gentle watering, a focused jet for targeted tasks, a mist setting for delicate plants, a soaker pattern for thorough root irrigation and a cone spray for versatile use. This wide range of options empowers you to customize your watering regimen with precision, ensuring optimal care for various plant types and garden layouts.

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ProductSupaGarden Spray Gun Set
£7.14 inc VAT £5.95 ex VAT
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